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Offers and Fun Stuff

Did you know that our SolePower Podcast special guests offer deals for SolePower listeners? Use any or all of these free offers! Cool stuff!

Code: SOLEPOWER (50% off your first month or quarter)

The Six Figure Brand Society by Specht & Co. is a first-of-its kind design membership & retainer hybrid that will help you build your six figure brand with confidence. Inside the membership you’ll get all the tools and training you need to build and grow your brand strategically, so you can feel confident sharing your business with the world! Features include a resource library with tutorials and templates, bi-weekly office hours and design reviews, quarterly expert workshops, 2 hrs of hands-on design support each month, and so much more!


If you’ve ever thought “Man, it would sure be helpful to have a branding and design expert on speed dial," or said to yourself “my competition looks SO professional and put together, I wish I had that” then The Six Figure Brand Society is for you!

Learn more and sign up at

Six Figure Building Specht & Co
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